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Tom Vasel lists his Top 10 Games made by Lookout Games!

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Tom & Melody take a look at Bubblee Pop, a match 3 style game!

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Tom Vasel shares the Alien Powers he removed from Cosmic Encounter in order to have it all fit in one box!

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Join Zee Garcia and a varied cast of contributors and guests for episode 47 of Board Game Blender!

Fundraiser Link:

Show Notes:

0:00 - Intro
1:44 - Retro Board Game Corner
6:12 - How to Fun
10:03 - The Quirky Game
14:45 - Tales From Behind the Board
15:50 - R vs. H - 2 Player Showdown
21:32 - The Happy Luza
24:39 - Boards & Crafts
27:10 - Board Game Diagnosis - with Anna
29:49 - Who Am I?
32:24 - Under the Radar
36:56 - Gameosity
40:03 - Real Talk with Sam

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Tom Vasel lists his Top 10 games that came from Mayfair Games!

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Tom Vasel introduces a video series of Top 10 lists focusing on different board game publishers!

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Tom Vasel looks back reviews he conducted 1, 5, and 10 years past!

Raiders of the North Sea:


King Chocolate:

Tangram Fury:

Bug Out:

Mage Knight:


Bon Bons:

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Tom Vasel lists his Top 10 games for kids released in 2016!

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the 2016 expansion for Cosmic Encounter!

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