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Tom, Zee, and Sam tell game designers ten things they should know!

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Tom and Melody Vasel play this block wargame from Columbia game and give their opinions.

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The Chief takes a look at the game in which he's part of.  Is this meta?

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Tom goes over the news, and also talks about the Spiel des Jahres nominations.

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Tom takes a look at the Samurai card game Tenka

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Tom reviews the story telling game Ace Detective

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Tom takes a look at City of Iron board game from Red Raven Games

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Huzzah!  Tom talks about board game news, and also tells folks why they should go to conventions.

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Tom, Sam, and Zee talk about expansions that are vital if you enjoy the base game!

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Tom takes a look at the news again!  And once again talks about people vs. games!

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Sam, Tom, and Zee give ten tips each for publishers to listen to when putting out a new game!

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Tom takes a look at the latest expansion for Quarriors

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Tom takes a look at the second edition of War of the Ring

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Tom gives the board game news, the Dice Tower Network news, and also discusses people compared to games.

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