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We give a quick rundown of all the different reviews we posted over the last week. And Mike's is actually a PREVIEW! His review is being posted this week (my mistake, sorry everyone.)

0:38 "Hey Hey everybody"
0:44 Quiver gaming mat
0:47 Geeknson Denis Table
0:54 Heir to the Pharaoh
1:14 Dastardly Dirigibles
1:42 The Thieves of Naqala
2:04 The Game of 49
2:23 Covert

3:02 Throat Punch Lunch: Welcome Back!
3:23 The Pied Piper
3:50 Celestia
4:16 Meeple Realty Custom Box Inserts
4:35 "See you on the flip side"

4:38 Scythe

4:53 Diplomacy
5:09 Swipe Out!
5:23 Magic Feathers
5:39 Brix
6:02 Rabbit Rally
6:27 Royal Turf/Winner's Circle
6:47 Ghostbusters: Protect the Barrier
7:14 Time's Up: Title Recall!
7:25 Magic the Gathering: Shadows over Innistrad
7:49 Dice Masters: Flash/Green Arrow
8:14 Salem
8:37 Scythe
9:06 Defenders of the Last Stand
9:35 Cry Havoc

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