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May 20, 2023

Wendy Yi takes a look at nine games she's played recently and tells you what she thinks of them. This time, she looks at Pletrix, Big Top, Patatrap Quest, Dinosaur Exhibit, Galileo Project, Distilled, For Sale Autorama, Dorfromantik the Board Game, and Lands of Galzyr.

May 19, 2023

Roy shares his thoughts on a few games!

Apr 15, 2023

Chris Yi takes a look at at ten games he's played recently that others may have already reviewed and gives you his quick thoughts on them. He also leaves Mike several very embarrassing voicemail messages. The games this time are: Fiction, Sieze the Bean, Salad Master/Meat Master, Sabika, Trekking Through History,...

Apr 13, 2023

Mike DiLisio takes a look at 9 games that have already been reviewed on The Dice Tower by other people, and gives his quick thoughts and ratings. On this episode:

Mar 13, 2023

Wendy Yi takes a look at ten games that she played recently but wasn't part of the review for.

In this episode: Splendor Duel, Adventure Tactics Domianne's Tower, Vegetable Stock, Flashback Zombie Kidz, My Lil' Everdell, Great Plains, Avatar the Last Airbender Fire Nation Rising, The Shivers, Verdant, and Trekking...