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May 2, 2017

Join Sam Healey and his host of contributors as they present to you Episode 21 of Throat Punch Lunch, the show that's nicer than it sounds!

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1:39 - Strategically Thematic with Ambie Valdés
4:28 - Roll with the Punches with Roy Cannaday
7:41 - Kickstarter Thrash-Up with Rob Oren
11:22 - Solo-Thrash with Liz Davidson
15:13 - Things I Hate/Things I Like with Bryan Drake
18:04 - The Shape of the Heart with Alex Milea
21:24 - 15 Pieces of Flair with Jay Peak
23:54 - Counter Charge with Mark Zielinski
27:31 - We'll Learn as We Go with Bobby Sears
32:43 - 3 Reasons with Forrest Bower
36:30 - The Miniature Breakdown with Tim Jennette