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Tom Vasel takes a look at the Best 10 Spiel des Jahres winners over the years and tells us why.

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the worst SdJ Winners and gives what game he thinks should've won that year.

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Dice Tower Kickstarter Link:

Tom Vasel takes a look at the news for the week, joined by a host of friends!

00:20 - Intro
02:18 - Board Game News
05:55 - Crowd Funding News - with Suzanne
09:13 - Whitleypedia
11:27 - Dice Dice Baby
12:59 - Q & A with Tom and Jason
16:30 - German for Board Gamers
18:21 - Painting Miniatures 101
20:26 - Dice Tower Productions
21:30 - Head in the Clouds with Chaz Marler
24:38 - The Best and the Worst
26:40 - Tom Thinks (Dice Tower Cruise)
31:58 - Fresh from France
33:58 - Snakes and Lattes
36:15 - Closing Thoughts

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Here's a quick summary of all the games we reviewed this week!

0:37 Cabo
0:51 Trekking the National Parks
1:08 Mangrovia

1:36 Say Anything: Family Edition
1:55 Capser The Friendly Ghost
2:14 Battle Merchants

2:41 OctoDice
3:03 Odyssey: Wrath of Poseidon
3:32 One Night Ultimate Vampire
3:59 ...And Then We Held Hands
4:21 Trekking the National Parks

5:20 R2D2 & C3PO Expansion
5:27 Boba Fett Expansion
5:35 Kayn Somos Expansion
5:46 Top Five religiously-Themed Games
6:15 Fire & Axe A comparision
6:47 B-Sieged
7:16 Star Wars: Rebellion
8:08 "See you on the flip side"

8:15 Twilight Struggle
8:34 Nippon
8:49 Best Treehouse Ever

9:15 B-Sieged
9:42 Sing It!
9:52 V-Wars
10:10 Tumult Royal
10:33 Food Fighters
10:54 Voila!
11:12 Ra
11:35 Grand Austria Hotel
12:04 Arcadia
12:31 Star Wars: Rebellion

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Tom Vasel takes a look at this vampires vs. humans game from Rob Daviau and IDW.

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Tom Vasel and Sam Healey take a look at this tower defense style game from Cool Mini or Not.

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Tom & Melody take a look at this new game from Klaus & Benjamin Teuber.

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Tom Vasel and Sam Healey take a look at this galactic wide Star Wars game from Fantasy Flight.

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Tom and Jason take a look at the classic game of "RA" from Dr. Reiner Knizia.

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Tom Vasel takes a look at this game from Soda Pop Miniatures.

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