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Tom, Zee, and Sam take a look at Batman: Cotham City from Wizkids and Paoli Mori

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Tom takes a look at this deckbuilding game from Gryphon Games

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Tom Vasel takes a look at the game Fleet

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More network news.  Hooray!

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Tom, Sam, and Zee take a look at this card drafting game set in Space!

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What are the best games from 2012?

Zee Garcia and Sam Healey let us know.

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Ryan takes a look at the Stronghold Game CO2

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Bart takes a look at the second edition of this game

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Huzzah, lots of exciting things happening!

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News, news, and news!  Oh, and we started a Kickstarter.

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Tom shares his top ten board and card games of the last year.

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Ryan shares his top ten board and card games of the last year.

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Melody shares her top ten board and card games of the last year.

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A new year!  Huzzah!  And new stuff!

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Last news of the year!!!

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Tom Vasel reviews the first expansion for Core Worlds from Stronghold Games

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Tom Vasel reviews City of Remnants from Plaid Hat Games

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Ryan Metzler reviews this popular strategy game from Rio Grande Games and CGE

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Map pack # 3 for Ticket to Ride, from Days of Wonder and Alan Moon.  Reviewed by Tom Vasel

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Tom reviews a cooperative police force game.  Stop the crime and catch the murderer!  And maybe a dirty cop!

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Ryan reviews Antike Duellum

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Bart takes a look at this dice game from Valley Games.

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The news!  Huzzah!

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Tom takes a look at the first AEG Tempest Game, Courtier - by Philip DuBarry

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Tom takes a look at Zombicide, from Cool Mini or Not

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Tom Vasel reviews Kemet, a new light wargame from Asmodee Editions

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Tom reviews Escape!  from Queen Games

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Space Cadets, a cooperative space game designed by the Englestein family and published by Stronghold Games

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Recording in my living room - not the best idea.  Better sound next time!

Tom talks about board game news, Dice Tower Network News, and some great new reviews!

All recorded for December 10, 2012

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