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Tom Vasel lists his Top 10 games published by Repos!

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Tom Vasel lists his Top 10 games published by Playroom Entertainment!

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Tom, Sam, and Zee discuss the expansions they find to be essential in completing a game's experience.

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Tom Vasel goes into detail about why Le Havre by Uwe Rosenberg is one of his all time favorite games!

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Join Sam Healey and his host of contributors as they present to you Episode 21 of Throat Punch Lunch, the show that's nicer than it sounds!

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1:39 - Strategically Thematic with Ambie Vald├ęs
4:28 - Roll with the Punches with Roy Cannaday
7:41 - Kickstarter Thrash-Up with Rob Oren
11:22 - Solo-Thrash with Liz Davidson
15:13 - Things I Hate/Things I Like with Bryan Drake
18:04 - The Shape of the Heart with Alex Milea
21:24 - 15 Pieces of Flair with Jay Peak
23:54 - Counter Charge with Mark Zielinski
27:31 - We'll Learn as We Go with Bobby Sears
32:43 - 3 Reasons with Forrest Bower
36:30 - The Miniature Breakdown with Tim Jennette

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Tom Vasel looks back at reviews he conducted 1, 5, and 10 years ago!


Shadow Over Westiminster-

Flip City: Reuse-

Dilluvia Project-

Uglydoll Loonacy-

Safe Breaker-

Junk Art-


Valeria: Card Kingdoms-

Descent Lieutenants-

Battle Lore: Terrors of the Mists-

Battle Lore: Heralds of Dreadfall-

The Treasure of 13 Islands-


Spheres of Influence-


Coup Reformation-


Commander in Chief-


Through the Desert-

Cosmic Alliance-

Clash of Gladiators-

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Join Tom, Sam, and Zee as they discuss games they really like packaged within themes they HATE!

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Tom Vasel lists his Top 10 games published by GMT Games!

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Tom Vasel talks about what he loves most about Cosmic Encounter!

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Join Zee and a varied cast of contributors for this latest Blender episode!

3:30 - Board of Education
6:53 - Who Am I?
9:23 - R vs. H - Showdown!
14:26 - Under the Radar
18:29 - Board Gaming Time Capsule
21:53 - Meeples Included
24:17 - The Quirky Game
30:04 - Guess the Game Covers
30:35 - Board Game Diagnosis
33:31 - Retro Boardgame Corner
37:19 - Thinking Inside the Box

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