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Hey, do you have a question for the Dice Tower? It's possible I've answered it here!

0:44 - What exactly is the Dice Tower?
2:07 - How do I get a game reviewed by the Dice Tower? What's the fee?
3:00 - What do the Dice Tower Seals mean?
3:55 - When will you review _________? Why haven't you reviewed ________ yet?
4:45 - Hey, I like _____ and _______. Which is better? What should I buy next?
5:34 - What is your role in Dice Tower Con and Dice Tower Cruise?
6:40 - What is your role in the Jack Vasel Memorial Fund
7:41 - How many times do you play a game before reviewing it?
7:48 - What do you do with games after reviewing them?
8:43 - How big is your game collection?
9:32 - What's this about Korea?
10:14 - Where did "Shut the Door" and the Component Drop come from?
11:05 - How can I get involved with the Dice Tower?
12:27 - What is Vasel's Law?
13:20 - Can I game with you all?

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