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The Designer's Panel at Dice Tower Con 2018 hosted by Kathleen Mercury!

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Tom, Zee, and Sam talk about their experiences at both GAMA Trade Show in Reno, Nevada, and MeepleCon, in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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The press conference held at the GAMA Trade Show on March 15 2018 in Reno NV! Includes presentations from: 
IELLO 5:02
Cryptozoic 7:23
Privateer Press 17:09
Ultra Pro 25:14
Konami (Yu-Gi-Oh) 39:30
Paizo 57:28
Bushiroad (Vanguard) 1:07:04
USAopoly 1:18:07
Cubicle Seven 1:23:32
Fireside Games 1:29:25

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Live from the GAMA Trade Show! Tom and Mark answer questions, and Tom is joined by Stephan Brissaud, President of both IELLO and GAMA. Also, Burky!

Live from the GAMA Trade Show! Chaz and Derek take questions, and Tom Vasel is joined by Rory and Michael, talking about Hub games. 

Live from the GAMA Trade Show! Tom Vasel is joined by Justin from Restoration Games to talk about upcoming stuff. Yeah, basically Fireball Island, ya know.

Live from the GAMA Trade Show! 

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Jason interviews GenCon President David Hoppe! 

Jason interviews IELLO Brand Ambassador Alison Haislip at PAX Unplugged!

Jason interviews Emerson Matsuuchi at PAX Unplugged 2017! 

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